Why Parents Love Potty Rider Training Step Stools!


Sturdy & Safe! PATENTED!

Potty Rider helps Stabilize & Support your child on the potty. The cool handlebars with grips provide your child a firm grasp & decrease their fears and anxieties about using that Big Potty! The sturdy platform step stool allows EASY ON AND OFF and encourages independent use.


Hand-Crafted! MADE IN THE USA!

It is NOT a potty seat, potty chair or a toy. Potty Rider is a Potty Training Step Stool designed & hand-crafted in the USA, and patented to help parents introduce Potty Training with a friendly familiar design imprinted on a beautiful Baltic Birch plywood Potty Trainer.


Makes Going Fun! GAME CHANGER!

Potty Training can be stressful & traumatic. Potty Rider Training Step Stools make training FUN! Watch your child get curious & excited about using the "Big Potty" right from the start! Available in multiple themes for any child's interest and comes with cool sound-boxes & other fun accessories. 

It Really Works!

This little country western kiddo wasn't Potty Trained until his horse Bolt arrived.

Without hesitation he began using the Big Potty without tears or fears. He loves it!! 

Gianna's Potty Training Journey

Tears of joy! We can't get Gianna off the toilet! She is absolutely in love with her beautiful new pony! We don't know how to thank you from the bottom of our hearts there are no words that would be enough to thank you & no words to describe how awesome this product is! 
Truth being told we were a bit nervous it's been early days & then finally tonight we got her on & there's no looking back! Things just take time with Gianna all in her own time she gets there. We couldn't be prouder or happier! She even got the toilet paper & did the action to wipe herself! The happiness from her is indescribable! Usually it's tears & fears to go anywhere near our toilet or into the room.  To have made this much progress when it's bedtime is huge! We thought we'd try one more time!  She even stands with ease & sits on & off the toilet all in one first go tonight! That is a big big step for her & us. We've been trying with various toilet aids & training for at least a year now! The security of the feet & the handle bars makes her feel safe & then the biggest of all is the fun of riding her new pony! 
She just needs a cowgirl hat & boots & we will be set! 
Love & hugs from the Tierney family xxx

We Love When Potty "Riders" Share!

What Our Customers Say:

"The Potty Rider is the perfect product and best invention! It is extremely well crafted and easy to assemble. Not only does it make potty training easier, but it makes it fun! My son loves pretending he's riding the horse while sitting on the potty! The main reason I bought the Potty Rider is because he has constipation issues and this product is extremely helpful for that. They have the best customer service too! Thanks Potty Rider for this amazing, well crafted product, helping parents and children everywhere!"Thanks again for your product and great customer service! 


Hi Fred & Elna! Mummy & Daddy said I'm going to have the best potty rider ever & it's coming all the way from America! ️

Catherine, Western Australia

I barely got it thru the door and Aubrianne was running to the bathroom to use it. She looooves the noise maker. She likes making the pony "laugh" Early morning potty arguments are gone!


She loves it & is already using it when all else has failed !

Dec 2017


Love ours, she feels comfortable using the potty now. We also added a horn for her and its almost like a reward for her.

Nov 2017


It's so cool!! Thank you! So happy we found your company. You have been amazing and but most of all a fantastic cheerleader for our  little guy!! More pics to come when he is braaaaap-ing in the bathroom!!


Gauge absolutely loves his Potty Rider! The Potty Rider is the motivation that my 2 year old needed to encourage him to go potty independently every time. I no longer have to pick Gauge up and down to guide him to go potty. The Potty Rider is a great solution for the transition from Pull-ups to the toilet. I recommend every parent to order their child a Potty Rider today and add fun to their potty training experience right away. 

Jessica - Palm Bay, FL

 He climbed right up! He's been climbing up by himself when had to go ....and my daughter found your Potty Rider and sent me the information. He LOVES bikes! Now he just steps up and uses the potty all by himself! Thank you so much for designing this! It's so well made too! 

Leah – Florence SC

 Our Potty Rider came today. FINALLY my boy ran to the bathroom to use it. I love that it brings his legs up to a comfortable position for success. We are so happy...BRILLIANT IDEA ..WE LOVE IT. Thank you so much. Hope to see you on Shark Tank soon. 

Becky- Hamilton, Massachusetts