Potty Rider Customer Reviews

We Love it When Potty "Riders" Share!

I started potty training our youngest at 7.5m which was the same age we started her brother at. The potty pony has been a huge help because she loves to be a big girl and climb up by herself. She is now 16 months old and only poops in the potty, with a very rare occasion in her diaper if we are far from home or busy. She will pee every time she sits on the toilet and will walk to the potty and back up to it or start climbing up while signing "potty". We still use diapers to be safe but only use 2 or 3 a day now (one being a nighttime diaper). We LOVE our potty pony, it has been a huge help in our training adventures. Not sure what we'd do without it. Big brother still uses it too and is more than happy to share. - Nicole - Ca

Outstanding quality - finally I wasn't worried that my child was climbing up on a wobbly ladder. He loves the motorcycle and is now almost 100% Potty Trained after only a few days. Thank you Potty Rider! Jennifer - Chicago

All of you with little potty trainers. . . . Highly recommend a potty rider!! My kiddos love it! - Abbie

The Potty Rider is the perfect product and best invention! It is extremely well crafted and easy to assemble. Not only does it make potty training easier, but it makes it fun! My son loves pretending he's riding the horse while sitting on the potty! The main reason I bought the Potty Rider is that he has constipation issues and this product is extremely helpful for that. They have the best customer service too! Thanks, Potty Rider for this amazing, well-crafted product, helping parents and children everywhere!" - Sara - West Demoines - IA

Gauge absolutely loves his Potty Rider! The Potty Rider is the motivation that my 2 year old needed to encourage him to go potty independently every time. I no longer have to pick Gauge up and down to guide him to go potty. The Potty Rider is a great solution for the transition from Pull-ups to the toilet. I recommend every parent to order their child a Potty Rider today and add fun to their potty training experience right away. Jessica - Palm Bay FL

He climbed right up! He's been climbing up by himself when had to go ....and my daughter found your Potty Rider and sent me the information. He LOVES bikes! Now he just steps up and uses the potty all by himself! Thank you so much for designing this! It's so well made too! Leah – Florence SC

Our Potty Rider came today. FINALLY, my boy ran to the bathroom to use it. I love that it brings his legs up to a comfortable position for success. We are so happy...BRILLIANT IDEA ..WE LOVE IT. Thank you so much. Hope to see you on Shark Tank soon. Becky- Hamilton, Massachusetts

 Got the Potty Rider yesterday, he loves it!  Thank you. Angela, Oklahoma City, OK

I've had the Potty Rider for about a month now and I love it! As a mom of 7, who also runs a home daycare, it's been amazing. It is high quality, built very well, and does exactly what it's supposed to. I love how sturdy it is. I never worry about anyone falling or tipping it over. It's also tough enough to withstand repeated use from multiple children (at least 5 kids a day) and still looks great! I highly recommend the Potty Rider for anyone potty training.  Tabatha - Palm Bay, FL

My nephew just received his Potty Rider and it's absolutely amazing! Within 30 seconds of it being set up, he used the big boy potty. What an awesome idea this product is! Thank you very much! Have you ever considered writing Shark Tank to get you on the show? I know this would be a hit! John - Lafayette, IN

UPDATE 11.10.17 from John - Lafayette, IN: Oh my goodness, he’s absolutely LOVES the Potty Rider! It’s helped him so much with becoming potty trained. He’s down to maybe 1-2 accidents a month. Absolutely incredible seeing as he refused to try going on the toilet before. Your product is to thank for that. Thank you so much!!

 We got it and kiddos love it!  And over a week later, they still love it and are using it every day! Amie - Bowling Green, KY

 Luke says thank you very much. He loves it and loves the red police bike idea and says tell who did it that they did a good job.  Amber - Elkins, WV

 We love the Potty Rider ! It is a great idea. Linda - Mickelton, NJ

  It's so cool!! Thank you!  So happy we found your company!! You have been amazing and very helpful but most of all a fantastic cheerleader for our little guy!!! More pics to come when he's braaaap-ing in the bathroom!!! Tracy - Ft Lauderdale, FL

Our potty rider isn't put together yet but Declan already loves it! He's watching tv and sitting on it thank you memaw and papaw! ❤️ Potty Rider  Payten - Sullivan, IN

I barely got it through the door before Aubrianne was running to the bathroom to use it. She looooves the noise maker! She keeps making the pony “laugh” -  as she calls it! That’s definitely a great addition! Early morning potty time arguments are gooone!!  Rachael - Palm Bay, FL

Love ours, she feels comfortable using the potty now. We also added a horn for her, it's almost like a reward for her. Kelly - Toledo, WA 

She loves it & is using it already when all else has failed! Eleanor - Cochranton PA 

We just received the T-Rex !! We can’t wait to put it together and show our son! Thank you so much for all of your help!! - Shari - Leesburg, VA

Bought the motorcycle one on Cyber Monday for my daughter and LOVE it.
It’s great for sensory kids! - Kristin - Melbourne FL

Thank you to the good people of Potty Rider for helping me get my independence, you're awesome  - John, Brunswick West VIC 3055 Australia

Evan has Prader-Willi Syndrome, a rare disease that encompasses a wide range of medical and developmental issues. With Potty Rider, Evan can get on and off the toilet independently and he’s motivated to use it. The design is perfect for all kids, but especially those with less mobility. Low muscle tone hasn’t stopped Evan from using the potty with confidence (and style!). Thank you Potty Rider!!! - Natalie, Plainfield- IN 

You have got to be kidding me! I have struggled trying to get my son to poop on the potty for more than a year. As soon as he saw his Potty Rider motorcycle, the struggle was over. I told him he can only use it to go potty and within a couple days I am happy to report, diapers are no longer needed in our house! Paige - Denver, CO.