FAQ: Most Commonly Asked Questions

Q:  Will Potty Rider fit in my small bathroom?

 A:  When Potty Rider is in place in front of your  toilet, it extends outward 15”, as long as you have at least 15” to the wall, it will fit.

Q: Do you ship outside of the USA?

A:  Currently we ship within the USA, Canada and Australia

Q: What is the maximum weight Potty Rider will hold safely?

A:  We recommend your child not weigh more than 100 pounds.

Q: Does the step stool/platform have a non-slip surface?

A:  Yes, We include Non Slip Black “Treads” (3M Safety Walk) for placement on platform and under base and wheel.

Q: Do I have to assemble Potty Rider?

A:  Yes. Potty Rider will need to be assembled in an effort to keep shipping costs as affordable as possible for our customers. Assembly instructions included.

Q: How are the designs placed on the Potty Rider?

A:  Potty Rider graphics are individually and professionally silk screened on the Baltic Birch Plywood.  Remember that Potty Rider is a wood product. Natural oval patches in the wood are normal and expected and have no effect on quality or stability.

Q: Do I still need a Potty Seat?

A:  Yes, if you currently use a Potty Seat then you can continue to do so. Each child is different, use what your child is most comfortable using.

Q: Can my child play with Potty Rider outside the bathroom?

A:  No, Potty Rider is designed to be a Potty Training Aide ONLY. It is not a TOY and not designed for any other purpose

Q: Can an adult use the Potty Rider?

A:  No, Potty Rider is a child’s Potty Training device only.

Q: Will Potty Rider fit in my bathtub/shower for storage when not in use?

A:  Yes, it fits in standard sized bathtubs

Q: What is the exact size of Potty Rider?

A:  Potty Rider measures 27” High x 21” Wide

Q: Can my special needs child use Potty Rider?

A:  Absolutely!  If Potty Rider provides the added stability your child needs, that makes us very happy!