Will Potty Rider fit in my small bathroom?

When Potty Rider is in place in front of your  toilet, it extends outward 15”, as long as you have at least 15”to the wall, it will fit.

Do you ship outside of the USA?

Currently we ship within the USA, Canada and Australia

What is the maximum weight Potty Rider will hold safely?

We recommend your child not weigh more than 100 pounds.

Does the step stool/platform have a non-slip surface?

Yes, We include Non Slip Black “Treads” (3M Safety Walk) for placement on platform and under base and wheel.

Do I have to assemble Potty Rider?

Yes. Potty Rider will need to be assembled in an effort to keep shipping costs as affordable as possible for our customers. Assembly instructions included.

How are the designs placed on the Potty Rider?

Potty Rider graphics are individually and professionally silk screened on the Baltic Birch Plywood.  Remember that Potty Rider is a wood product. Natural oval patches in the wood are normal and expected and have no effect on quality or stability.

Do I still need a Potty Seat?

Yes, if you currently use a Potty Seat then you can continue to do so. Each child is different, use what your child is most comfortable using.

Can my child play with Potty Rider outside the bathroom?

No, Potty Rider is designed to be a Potty Training Aide ONLY. It is not a TOY and not designed for any other purpose

Can an adult use the Potty Rider?

No, Potty Rider is a child’s Potty Training device only.

Will Potty Rider fit in my bathtub/shower for storage when not in use?

Yes, it fits in standard sized bathtubs

What is the exact size of Potty Rider?

Potty Rider measures 27” High x 21” Wide

Can my special needs child use Potty Rider?

Absolutely!  If Potty Rider provides the added stability your child needs, that makes us very happy!